This site is a small part of my work, I want to show you. With each pair, with every man, I have shot, watching their emotions, feelings - I was feeling the same and tried to show these feelings in the photos.  That is how I see this world. Enjoy watching!


The World through the lens


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Hello, my dear readers. Nice to meet you in my photograph blog. I always try to write new useful and interesting articles for you. I am sharing the latest news now, looking forward to your comments:

1. We invite models to participate in photoshoots! Requirements: Having a good experience, a beautiful figure, long hair, regular features. We constantly need new models for the commercial projects. Ask our admins any questions.

2. From May 27 till June 8, I shoot in the south of France (Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo) and in Italy (Florence, San Remo) and in nearby towns. Any questions concerning shoots ask our admins.

Attention, please! Urgently!

Urgently looking for a PR manager for further cooperation. Send us your personal details and CV, we will contact you.

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3 Responses

1. Hello, I would like to participate in your shootings as a model. What is needed? Thank you for attention.

2.Hello! We would like to order a photo-walk in Monaco. Is it possible? When are you planning to be there? Where can I find prices for photo shoots? Thank you!

3. I would like to thank Eva for this wonderful blog. I have learned a lot of useful information. Especially interesting is the section about traveling. Go on writing, thank you!